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Kaspersky Total Security 3 Device 1 Year [KL1949EOCFS]

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Kaspersky Total Security 3 Device 1 Year [KL1949EOCFS] 

Our Best-Performing, Best-Selling Security Suite for Families

Who’s it for? 
Individuals that want to protect their computers, tablets & phones – but also recognize the need for more than antivirus. They want to protect their privacy & their online financial transactions, secure their passwords and encrypt their data. 

Mums and dads that want added security when they shop & bank online and want to use our most advanced parental controls to protect their kids from online threats. 

Any customer that wants our best-performing traditional security suite.

Why they need it 
Today, there’s a vast range of threats that can compromise the security of computers, tablets and smartphones. So, there’s a growing number of customers that want to install our best-performing security suite to protect their privacy, money & passwords. 

In addition, customers that need to protect themselves and their kids are looking for a single product that can help to safeguard all the family – on a range of devices. 

The benefits 
Kaspersky Total Security helps your customers to protect themselves – and their loved ones. Its security technologies go far beyond antivirus – to help safeguard the user’s privacy, identity and digital memories. 

As our premium security suite, Kaspersky Total Security gives families advanced, multi-device protection – with antivirus, anti-ransomware, webcam security, password manager, VPN and 87 more technologies – all in one product, with just one license.

Alternative options? 
Customers that need security that does even more than Kaspersky Total Security should consider Kaspersky Security Cloud. It delivers all of the award-winning security technologies offered by Kaspersky Total Security – plus it: 

• Gives customers access to all our best apps and features – at an attractive price 
• Comes with cloud technologies so customers always get the most up-to-date protection 
• Provides tools specially built to boost the performance of customers’ devices 
• Uses adaptive security to gives customers protection the moment they need it 
• Lets customers manage their security and settings remotely – from anywhere they can get online 

Kaspersky Total Security 3 Devices 1-Year Antivirus Software

Accounts Per Account: Up to 3 Devices

Support: PC, Mac, Android & iOS 

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