BenQ DuoBoard Corporate Interactive Flat Panel [RM7502K]

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BenQ DuoBoard Corporate Interactive Flat Panel [RM7502K]

75in/UHD 3840x2160/1200:1/16:9/8MS/Touch/VGA,HDMI,DP/Speakers/Android


BenQ DuoBoard is designed to tap into the dynamic possibilities of the modern meeting room and help businesses develop and maintain an environment where ideas flow freely. It allows for extended, seamless team collaboration, stimulating more innovative ideas and is perfect for fostering collaboration then turning your creativities from abstract to real. BenQ DuoBoard is the beginning of infinite possibilities.


Set up You’re Meeting by One-Step


Instant Meetings without Wait

DuoBoard allows users to just bring their own portable devices to start the meeting right away. The built-in camera and array mic also allow for direct video conference without troublesome preparations and cable cluster. By supporting various input sources including OPS, HDMI, VGA, USB flash drive and more, DuoBoard offers an excellent compatibility.


Account Management System for Personalized Workspace

DuoBoard supports multi-account management through NFC technology, which allows users to directly access and manage their personal system-setting, network drive and cloud storage space such as Google drive and Dropbox, by simply scanning BenQ designed NFC cards without having to enter password.


Start Meetings Quickly with BenQ Launcher

DuoBoard makes it easy for users to launch meetings without delay. Created to aggregate all key tools in one hub, BenQ Launcher allows employees to access video input sources or use the EZWrite whiteboard without having to log into their accounts. Additionally, BenQ Launcher comes with a task switcher, letting users switch between recent apps and input signal sources with just a simple touch.


Hassle-free Video Conferencing with Any Solution

The DuoBoard is designed with video conferencing in mind. It has a built-in video camera, microphone array, and speakers, which are fully compatible with solutions such as Zoom Rooms, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Cisco Webex, and LogMeIn GoToMeeting when using the OPS slot-in computer. The DuoBoard also comes pre-installed with TeamViewer Meeting.


Collaboration+ Unleashes Infinite Possibilities


Duo Boards

This feature is designed for extending collaboration, fostering teamwork, and stimulating innovation. Combining two DuoBoards together, users can seamlessly double the collaboration space and develop borderless ideas. Users can use the EZwrite to work jointly with their teammates to complete a complicated task. Files saved in individual IFP are also shareable between IFPs. One plus one is definitely more than two.


Duo Windows

This feature allows users to work on two tasks at the same time, on a single IFP, doubling efficiency. Users are now able to open two applications simultaneously and complete multi-tasks quicker than ever before. Scenarios include: comparing two documents, writing meeting minutes during a video conference, searching for information while brainstorming, opening an Android app with other input source data, and much more.


Portrait Mode

Easily rotate the DuoBoard to switch from Landscape to EZWrite Portrait mode. In Portrait mode, users can see more details of the vertical image and annotate on EZWrite vertically.



Screen Size: 75-Inch

Resolution (pixels): UHD 3840x2160 pixels

Backlight / Lightsource: DLED

Brightness (Typical) (nits): 350nits

Contrast Ratio (Typical): 1,200:1

Viewing Angle (Horizontal / Vertical): 178°/178°

Display Orientation: Landscape

Response Time (ms): 8ms


Touch Technology: IR Touch

Touch Interface: x2 (USB type B)

Number of Touch: Up to 20 Point Multi-touch


Tempered Glass: 4mm, Tempered Glass

Anti-Glare (AG) Coating: Yes


Connector: Power Switch x1, Power (AC) Input x1, VGA Input x1, HDMI Input x3 (2.0), HDMI Output x1, OPS Slot x1, USB Player (Photo, Video) x5 (2.0x2, 3.0x3)

Built-in speaker: Speaker 16W x2

Power Supply: AC 100-240V~ 50/60Hz

Dimension: 1709.4 x 1062 x 115.8 mm

Weight:  97.9 kg

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