APC Back UPS Pro BR 1300VA [BR1300MI]

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APC Back UPS Pro BR 1300VA [BR1300MI]

8 Outlets/AVR/LCD Interface/2 Yrs Wty

Premium Power Protection APC Back-UPS Pro


APC Back-UPS Pro provide battery backup and surge protection ideal for your home, home office or small business.

The new Back-UPS Pro models are equipped with premium features including increased runtime and power capability for your critical electronics.


Power and Protect

Battery backup & surge protector outlets

Keep valuable devices running when the power is outside of safe levels


Sinewave power output

Ensures power quality without distortion or power drop during an outage. Ideal for advanced workstations, high end PCs, multimedia devices and home storage


2 USB charging ports (Type C + Type A)

Fast charge mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets


AVR with boost and trim

Instantly corrects low/high voltage fluctuations and is Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) compatible


1Gb network protection

Safeguards your equipment and valuable files from “back door” surges traveling along data lines without sacrificing internet speed

User replaceable batteries

Allows you to quickly replace batteries


LCD interface

Quick and easy to read, provides information about the utility and UPS conditions


Powerchute personal edition

Easy-to-use auto-shutdown software with power and energy management features


3-year warranty

Three-year limited warranty.


Rating (VA/W): 1300VA / 780W

Input/Output Voltage: 230 V nominal, 50/60 Hz ± 3 Hz

Communication Port: USB Port, RJ45 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet

LCD Display: Multi-function LCD

Dimension (Physical/Shipment) (H x W x D): 100 x 250 x 382 / 330 x 485 x 225 mm

Unit Weight (Physical/Shipment): 10.2 / 11.85 kg

Warranty: Two Year Limited Warranty

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